Tournament Mystery Box Random Battles Tournament [$300 Prize Pool]: Round 8

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hosted by Pave Low and sundays, approved by Rage

Welcome to our Mystery Box Random Battles Tournament!

24v24 First Blood [Gen 9] Random Battle
First Blood: Player getting the first KO wins.
Challenge Code: /challenge randombattle @@@ maxteamsize=24, teampreview, firstbloodrule
[Gen 8] Super Staff Bros 4
Crazyhouse [Gen 9] Hackmons Cup
Crazyhouse: If your Pokemon faints from a direct attack it gets transferred to your opponent with its HP taken down a bit.
Challenge Code: /challenge Hackmons Cup @@@ crazyhouserule

Winners Bracket:
JJ09LIE vs Jordy004
Yippie vs Terekusai
Piyush25 vs Hiusi guy
relevartemit vs guccijeff
davidelbello vs Lady Writer
Tarrembeau vs Zerkas
ionnss vs Bodi 69
frickEDmt vs SparksBlade

Losers Bracket:
livid washed vs Shiritu
RSB vs fofyzchato
Tuthur vs MZ
justdrew vs teresbahji
AmericanPi vs lrodher
Celestia74 vs soTsoT
Chains of Markov vs TeamCharm
Commander Awesome vs Buhrito

Rules and instructions
  • MYSTERY PRIZE! The player who gets the most KOs with Normal Type moves will be awarded with $10! For example, if you KO your opponents Pokemon with Hyper drill from Dudunsparce, it counts.
  • Players need to mention in their winpost if they get normal move KOs and how many. Failing to mention the above will result in disregardation even if normal move KOs took place.​
  • Read and use the challenge codes for better understanding of the rules and to prevent mess-ups (if mentioned)​
  • Tournament Battles are to be played on either Pokemon Showdown or Smogtours.​
  • Follow all applicable Smogon Tournament Rules and General Guidelines, including but not limited to rules against ghosting, timer/disconnect clauses and activity calls.​
  • You must upload and post replays when claiming wins.
  • The person winning 2 battles proceeds to the next round​

Deadline is Sunday, September 24th 11:59 PM GMT-4. Extensions, if necessary, will be granted for 2 days and no more. Have fun!
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